Phonal AI became Drafter AI. It's better and way more flexible.

Get all-in-one AI easy to use for small and medium businesses.

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About Phonal Technologies

Phonal Technologies was established in 2019 in Latvia by two AI/ML enthusiasts. 

We research and adapt current AI technologies to business needs.

Currently, we're working on ultimate AI platform that takes care of most of use-cases for small and medium businesses.

Technologies we use

  • Content Generation
  • Content Suggestions
  • Scoring and Predicitions
  • Speech Analytics
  • Speech Generation
  • Social Content Analytics
  • Images Recogntion

People behind Phonal AI

It's time to reveal ourselves.

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    Oleh Voronko

    10 years in product management and design for SIEM, telecom, BI tools, travel visa processing, eCommerce, edtech with a focus on B2B services. 

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    Platon Mysnyk

    Machine-learning engineer and data scientist with 7 years of commercial experience and successful history of machine learning and data processing contests.